Fast and Effective Fault Resolution
Fully Managed Networks
Peace of Mind for your Business
With the reliance that modern businesses have on their communications networks, it is critical that any failures or faults are dealt with promptly and efficiently.   Any network outage can potentially cost millions of pounds in lost business and more in the loss of trust from your customers.  At Protech Communications we have built a reputation on our Engineering Skill and Experience. This has been the telling factor time and again in the fast resolution of faults on our Customer's networks and gained us a reputation that we are justly proud of. We have a number of support options tailored to each individual business with guaranteed SLA's to suit the response that you need. We can arrange for an Engineer and replacement hardware where needed, to attend to the reported fault and get your business back on line no matter where you are in the world
Protech Communications is a limited company registered in England Reg No 5878306, VAT No 8929 158 72 Head Office, The Elms, Chapel Road, Boston, PE22 9PW
Whilst your business relies on IT systems to operate, running your IT can be an expensive and thankless task. One thing that becomes apparent very quickly is that to get specialist skills in all the various areas of IT systems is almost impossible in a small IT team, this inevitably leads to systems engineers attempting to do their best when systems are outside of their own focused skillset. This ultimately leads to systems being installed and running to a Best Effort rather than a Best Practice standard and ultimately leads to problems, downtime and issues developing. Add on top of this the ongoing training required to keep those skills at the required standards and keeping teams up to date with new technology, and its benefits to your business, and you can see why there is a trend to outsource some or all of your IT Service therefore allowing your team to focus again. At Protech we offer fully skilled support built around your business needs, whether they be fully managed IT for your systems or adding skills to your existing IT team we have a solution. We ensure that our focus is your business and we fit in to your IT Team or business as an integral team member rather than a traditional support company.