With non-compliance of GDPR carrying potential multi-million pound fines, and as all businesses large and small come under the regulation, business owners have to be prepared!
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GDPR with Protech
Are you ready for GDPR?
 Do you know what is considered personal data ?  Do you know where all the personal data you hold is stored, transferred and who accesses it?  Would you be able to tell if someone had accessed that data without authorisation within 72 hours?
Having worked at the highest levels of IT security for many years and with a proven record assisting customers achieve and maintain compliance, Protech have the knowledge to help your business not only achieve GDPR compliance but to do it in a way that doesn’t mean your actual business suffers.
If you are struggling getting your business prepared in time for May and the enforcement of GDPR, or if you need assistance in maintaining your compliance then we can help. Bringing clarity and translating the requirement detail into simple business processes we allow you to achieve compliance without spending a fortune!
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At Protech we have official GDPR specialists that will guide you through your compliance simply and efficiently Once compliant we wont just walk away but pride ourselves in becoming a true partner that you can rely on even if its just for advice
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Names Addresses (including email) NatInsurance Numbers Ip Addresses Vehicle registration Faces (CCTV) DoB Personal Telephone numbers  
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All of the above information and much more weather it be on employees or customers are considered personal information under the new regulation and require compliance for businesses